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Sehbali Cafe – Wireless for People. In Palo Alto. Nuff Said

October 15, 2007 1 comment

Update: It’s all over, kids. This place is shutting down, soon to be replaced, I’m sure by one of the following:

  • trendy furniture store that charges 400 dollars for a chair that looks like it was built in Sweden in the 70s.
  • restaurant that charges 15 bucks for an entree

Despite Palo Alto’s vaunted claims to tech supremacy in Silicon Valley, anyone who has walked down University Ave with a laptop knows that finding wireless access is a *huge* pain in the ass.

Starbucks, in all their wisdom, still charges thirty bucks a month for shitty T-Mobile access. Coupa Cafe is so overrun with Macbook-toting yuppies like myself that they unplug their router over the weekend! Then there’s Peets Coffee – crappy coffee combined with no wireless. Yay! Finally, don’t forget about Neotte tea bar – one of those pretentious places that would go out of business anywhere except for in Palo Alto. In good ol’ Palo Alto, however, people flock to the New Age nonsense joint and sip six dollar teas that are supposedly from China but taste distinctively like they were plucked in Bakersfield, CA. Nice. Oh yeah, and the wireless is spotty as all hell.

It was a great pleasure, then, to discover Sehbali Cafe today on the corner of Ramona and University Ave. This is the best-kept secret on this street; plentiful seating, a quiet atmosphere ideal for work and blazing-fast WiFi. Woohoo! Score, baby.

The obvious reason no one knows about this place is because the same parcel of land is used for a coffee shop, a hookah shop AND a florist. I’m sure the guy who runs it has a Harvard MBA; what else could explain such synergistic endeavors and such diverse core competencies!?

Anyhow, check Sehbali out; you wont be disappointed.

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