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Is it me, or is doomed?

April 20, 2008 1 comment

I recently came across, a Redwood Shores based company that “connects” people to trustworthy information and allows them to create “channels” based upon their interests. You can view the property in action right here:

Did I miss something? I’m clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, but here is what it sounds like these guys do:

  • Buy up a bunch of content sources (Associated Press, etc.) that are newsy/topical.
  • Show snippets for other content sources like The Huffington Post.
  • Allow users to create a profile and comment upon licensed stories.
  • Allow users to create a custom set of stories based upon interests.

Clearly, the first 3 bullet points are, well, lame. Why would I ever use this when my problem is not lack of available/trustworthy sources of information but way too many goddamn sources? Its too much noise, not enough signal.

The fourth one is interesting, yes, but is a problem that several folks are attacking in myriad ways. Take Persai, for example, which asks you to specify your interests and picks out relevant stories for you (more complicated than that in reality, but whatever). There is also MeeSlice ( and I won’t say anything more about them just yet.

So what in the world is MyWire offering me in terms of innovation? Did I miss something?

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