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Saumil’s Guide to CorporateSpeak: Internalize

October 12, 2007 1 comment

I heard this one for the first time in 2005. Aaah, those days. I was a little bitty fresh-faced Stanford grad, a boundless optimist who was unofficially known as “Miss Congeniality” for boundless, naive, annoying optmism.

I was in a conference room with a bunch of engineers when the presenter walked into the room and requested for us to “internalize” the information that was about to be presented. My first thought- huh? WTF?

But on to the business at hand:

Internalize: Verb

Definition: Create an intense memory burn of the corporate presentation at hand. Commit to heart and soul. To internalize is not just to understand but to, well, internalize. For example, a CEO may say to her engineers, “Do you engineers remember your first kiss? Do you remember how intense the experience was? Of course you do – you waited 23 years for it! Anyhow, I want you to internalize this product roadmap like you’ve internalized that memory.”

An internalization is usually followed by a follow-on email that requests further commitment. Most corporate internalizations are known to last about three days.

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