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On Chris Rock’s “No Apologies” Show at The Paramount

Just got back from the show. In one word – wow! Chris Rock just blew the night out with 90 minutes of sharp, brilliant social commentary as well as some very choice, very dirty, very NSFW gut-busting lines. Here are some good ones:

  • On McCain: Wasn’t McCain too old ten years ago? Who’s gonna be his running mate, a nurse? You can’t make decisions about the future if you ain’t gonna be there.
  • Barack Obama has a black name. He’s got a black enough name that you expect him to holding a spear over a lion (I know, I butchered that one altogether but hey, this shit is free, CRock costs 75 bucks)
  • Them Kenyans are some running motherfuckers – if you got on a plane to LA and I got on a Kenyan, I would beat you there.
  • White people get all mad because Barack’s 70 year old reverend hates white people. Is there another kind of old black man? His entire third grade class got lynched! Get over it.
  • They took Britney’s kids right after the MTV show because she sucked so bad. They take those white people’s kids real quickly – hell, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown still got theirs!

Lots of others that I can’t post because they’re just way too lewd. Bottom line is, catch this show if you can!

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Going to see Chris Rock in Oakland tonight!

Yeah peeps! Chris Rock is coming to town – well, actually, Oak-town – and I’m heading up to see him at the good ol Paramount Theatre!

Should be a fantastic time and well worth the seventy bucks, I’ll update with the choicest lines when I get back.

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