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How You Can Embarrass Yourself at the Gym

July 16, 2007 1 comment

Here are all the ways in which a young male can embarrass themselves at the gym. Yours truly has partaken in each of these activities.

  • Find yourself singing along to a Hilary Duff song, especially as a cute girl walks by.
  • Forget to throw a plate clamp on the bench press and see a large 45 pound plate fall off in the middle of a set. This one comes with sound effects so every meathead in the weight room thinks of you as a major poseur.
  • Find yourself singing along to a Kevin Federline song.
  • Bump into a rather fat guy and find yourself enveloped in his BO for the rest of the workout.
  • Run into a girl who you met at the bar two nights ago who proceeds to completely deny ever having laid eyes on you. Ouch.
  • Fall off the exercise ball while pretending to perform intense bone-crushing crunches.
  • Trying to impress adjacent meatheads with a lot of huffing and puffing, only to find that a kid half your size can pump the same weight. With more reps. And less grunting.
  • Finding yourself dancing to a Shakira song.

This list is by no means comprehensive and will continue to get updated, I’m sure.

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