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Each Ning Network Is Now Worth 3000 Dollars

July 10, 2007 2 comments

As soon as the news of Ning’s mondo round of $44 million broke (thanks to MCB for the correction), I asked myself (as I hyperventilated on the treadmill): how much was the company worth post-money? Answer: $214 million. That makes each social network on Ning approximately worth $3000 dollars, a nice little piece of math done by Om Malik here.

Of course, that’s a little glib, but the fact remains unchanged: Ning’s new round brings it massive valuation. While that’s great for the good folks over at Ning (who I worked with and have nothing but good wishes for!) – is it a good thing for the Valley? Or is it a prescient sign of other social networking shops (KickApps and the like) seeing big, possibly undeserved exits?

I’ve created networks on Ning and worked there *briefly* in 2005, so I’ll write another post reviewing the service in its current avatar. Stay tuned.