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On Spock’s Public Launch

August 10, 2007 1 comment

Okay, I feel bad for being a prickly, churlish man. Yesterday, I left a snarky comment on Valleywag (yay, I auditioned and got accepted!!! Nerd auditions so cool!). The post was talking about Web 3.0 – gag gag gag – and Spock + Radar Networks. Here is what I said after hearing about Spock’s crashes on Day One of launch:

Who decided that is a semantic web play? Any semantic web shop, even as loosely defined as possible by a layperson’s standards should have an RDF-OWL component to it. Radar’s does, indeed. So does that of Metaweb.

And what of Spock? What have they offered above a LinkedIn crawl with tagging and voting capabilities? Not jack, that’s what. Oh wait, they have offered us a site that falls over within the first few hours of launch. Sounds a lot like Web 0.03, dontcha think?

Mea culpa. Jaideep Singh informs us that they had budgeted for 100 page views per second and ended up receiving 400 page views a second! Whoa!!! One Billion page views a month!?? You gotta be f*ing with me. For what? LinkedIn + MySpace with tags? How much of this is hype and how much is a sustainable business?

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