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On Technorati, SERPs and Google

I’m not the biggest TechCrunch fan, but every once in a while they’ll put out an insightful post. When I read it, my jaw almost dropped: Technorati’s organic traffic has risen to nine million uniques, up from 3.5 just two months prior. This blockbuster number runs fully counter to the idea that Technorati was going to get a good old fashioned ass-kicking from Google Universal Search. For those of you that missed it, Universal Search throws away content type silos (blogs, news, images, videos) and blends results from different types. Check out the example query for “Darth Vader”.

Naturally, this smells of a massively successful SEO campaign piggybacking off Google search results. Since The GoogMonster supposedly hates “search results within search results”, Arrington claims that Technorati could be headed for the toilet.

Could this, then, be the reason for why Technorati put out a massive UI relaunch that puzzled the blog world??!! Technorati recently moved away from a classic SERP interface. Try a search on Technorati and you’ll see a page that tries to masquerade as content using tabs and rich media elements such as Youtube videos. Nothing particularly innovative here, since the UI simply mashes existing content types outside Technorati’s control.

But in the context of getting hitlisted by GOOG? Well, it makes a hell of a lot of sense!


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