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Shut Up and Sing – Movie Review

June 10, 2007 21 comments

I’m not a part of what you would call country music’s core demographic. White? Nope. Suburban? Nope. Right wing supporter? Hell no, are you freaking kidding me?

It is therefore with great pleasure that I watched the Dixie Chicks’ documentary of catharsis – “Shut Up And Sing”. It’s nice for someone to wave a big fuck you flag in the face of death threats and musical boycotts over little more than a jokey, running-the-mouth statement.

The movie is told in the fly-on-the-wall style and captures all the raw emotion backstage and in hotel rooms as the “top of the world comes crashing down” for the all-American girls of country music. It traces their cautious steps from that misstep to the recording of a new and defiant album “Taking the Long Way” in sunny Los Angeles.

The story is exceedingly well-told and framed with a failing war in the backdrop. It jumps back and forth between 2003 and 2006, from disaster to rebirth. The movie also lays claim to a totally kick-ass soundtrack, this coming from some one who had never heard a Dixie Chicks song until this movie came along.

Oh yeah, and the fact that you get to see a bunch of country rednecks look foolish on wide screen? Icing on the cake.