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On Sales Inboxes and Prompt Responses

As part of the cushy gig of product manager for a web company, I end up making plenty of calls to vendors in the health space (won’t give out details for two obvious reasons: I’m not fully stupid yet and I don’t like getting fired).

This is my first experience with leaving messages for salespeople who are supposed to be on the ball, what with their ass being on the line every quarter’s end. That being said, I started with lofty expectations of prompt turnaround time, pleasant conversations followed with slightly testy but businesslike contractual discussions.

Uhh, not so much. Sales inboxes have consistently proven to be a joke. You would think they’d at least have the good sense to call you back a few days after you leave an email address and phone number. Nope. Sure, I don’t work at a big shop so they have a right to screen me with wary skepticism – but shouldn’t they at least call back to see if I’m legit?

I’m not mad – just baffled. I thought engineers were bad at office organization. Yeah right.

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