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Kosmix mentioned in VentureBeat article

July 17, 2007 1 comment

This is another one of those brief-mention articles, but it will give you a good sense of a health care space that is most definitely heating up. Matt Marshall makes some interesting points around health search and outlines the main players:

  • Kosmix RightHealth (yours truly’s employer;
  • MedStory (now MSFT)
  • Healia (now Meredith)
  • HealthLine (raised $21mn)

Find the article here.
I disagree with several of their assertions (for instance, his references to Google’s “health search product”, which incidentally doesn’t exist) but I won’t go into detail because of the obvious bias.

Redundant Disclaimer: All these opinions are mine and have nothing to do with my employer.

Kosmix RightHealth and The Wall Street Journal

July 16, 2007 1 comment

Here is an article comparing several different online health tools that mentions Kosmix’s health property. The article is very detailed and doesn’t give rightful billing (in my biased opinion) to Kosmix and spends an excessive amount of time profiling MedStory – why? Simply because MedStory got scooped by Microsoft? Let’s not forget that MedStory is still a 2000 visitor a month site – compared to Kosmix’s 3mn a month.

Anyhoo – it is a nice article and can be found using this link:

The link is a Google News link because that is the only way to get to Wall Street Journal’s content without a subscription 🙂


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On Kosmix, RightHealth and the Unofficial Home Page for Topics

Ever since I landed my cushy gig as PM at Kosmix, I’ve been straining to come up with an elevator pitch for our little company. So far, the results haven’t been so hot.

At cocktail parties and during dinner conversations, it takes me five full minutes to get through the pitch. By that time, the person opposite is either a) pissed at themselves for asking me or b) pissed at me for making it an elevator pitch for a crapola crankshaft elevator to nowhere or c) both.

Well, if you want to hear the Kosmix elevator pitch – in the form of a nice blog post – try the Alt Search Engines’ guest post by our co-founder here

And quit asking me what I do for a living!