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On the Indo-U.S Nuke Deal

August 27, 2007 Leave a comment

 See the TIME article describing this mess here.

Oh God, the goddamn communists are it again. You see, over in India, communists aren’t hunted down Joe-McCarthy-style like they are around here. “Commie” isn’t necessarily a dirty word depending upon who you ask.

Hell, parts of the country have been run by commies (The Communist Party of India and their ilk) for as long as I’ve been alive. These commies are probably convenience communists – much like the Chinese who welcome BMW and LMVH into their land while crushing human rights with merry abandon.

Commies, true to form, hate the U.S. They’d like to live in an India when we sucked up to the Soviet Union (good call there, yeah?) and bought a boatload of crusty old MIGs to “deter” Pakistan. These jackasses haven’t yet grasped that their ideology lost, and lost big.

Now they want to kill the nuke deal that would allow energy-starved India to pursue a nuclear energy strategy. That’s just f*ing great, yeah? Now my folks will have to continue to  live with four hours – daily – of “load shedding”. By the way, load shedding is a euphemism for power cuts. There are places in India where the government takes a load off for six hours a day! Can you frigging believe it?

Way to go, commies. Way to be a royal pain in the rear twenty years after the Soviet Union’s death.

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Cheney taking the U.S Pass-Fail!

August 2, 2007 Leave a comment

Jon Stewart was in rare form tonight. Of course, he was helped in no small part by crusty bastard Number One (Cheney) and crusty bastard Number Two (Rummy).

Two funny story names in the background that created real laughs:

– The Return of the Rummy (referring to Rummy’s appearance on the Hill today

– I Now Pronounce You Dick and Larry (in reference to Dick Cheney’s appearance on Larry King)

When Dick said “Success for a politician is defined as 50 + 1. You don’t everyone on board”, my jaw dropped.

Thanks to Jon Stewart for the fantastic cutback in which he quipped, “Oh my God. This administration is taking the U.S. pass-fail”.