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A Mighty Heart Indeed

It is hard to make a movie when the ending is not only well known but also shatteringly gruesome. But that is exactly what Brangelina and co. have pulled off with “A Mighty Heart”, which I managed to catch this evening.

For those of you who haven’t heard, the movie is a chronicle of the tense few weeks between Danny Pearl’s kidnapping and his eventual demise at the hands of crazed fundamentalists. The story is set in Karachi and feels like a documentary (supposedly the director’s signature style).

Since I am Indian, the movie was a voyeuristic journey into Pakistan, an oft-hated “enemy” that (unsurprisingly) looks and feels so much like India. The city streets, the people, the coarsely uttered Urdu/Hindi look and felt strangely familiar and foreign at the same time. Hell, I even noticed the electrical outlets and chipping paint in a horrifyingly realistic torture scene. Kudos to the filmmakers for doing a kick-ass job of the visual elements of the movie.

Love her or hate her, Angelina does a great job of playing Mariane Pearl and portraying her quiet dignity and resolve in the face of egregious odds. For my money’s worth, she carries the show. You have to see it to believe me.

While the movie is sad enough, the worst part was that on opening night, most of the movie theater was empty. Should we consider that a sad commentary on our society? I’ll leave that up to you.