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KevinRose-JasonCalacanis Peace Pipe Meet Is A Snoooooozer

August 4, 2007 2 comments

I love GigaOm. From what I know, they tend to not orgasm over the newest social network for San Quentin jailbirds a la TechCrunch. So when they put up their new “Internet TV show” online and pitched it as the reconciliation-after-the-Internet-death-cage-match between pseudo-heavyweights Rose and Calacanis, my dumbass paid attention. Like a frigging cat rolling around a ball of yarn, I watched the thing end to end, including Joyce Kim’s ridiculous meanderings about “how VMWare makes servers more efficient” as a description of the company’s products. Nicely done.

But so far so good. Now, after the “commercial break”, Rose and Calacanis get together for a little fireside chat to talk about their supposedly innovative services Digg and Mahalo and Pownce. Boy, what a snoozer. I wanted to hear some hard-hitting questioning about Pownce’s business model. Not to be found. I wanted to hear something more interesting than how Mahalo rules if you want to fly bus-on-wings-Southwest. How informative!! Mahalo for that one, guys.

The one funny thing from Kevin Rose was talk about how Digg had hired “some AMAAAZING MATHEMATICIANS” that are developing bleeding-edge algorithms at Digg. For reals? You don’t say, Kev-o. To do what amazing doodad, may I ask? Uhh. To suggest stories to digg based upon what you’ve dugg and what your friends have dugg.

Someone get John Nash on the phone! I hear Donald Knuth is interested in a consulting gig at Digg!

Oh while we’re on this revolutionary feature, isn’t that something Sphere can do if they just got their shit together and had real technology?

But I digress. Calacanis did throw in a veiled insult at Pownce when he said if they swapped logos, Pownce would look a lot like Twitter. Ya think?!

Here is the link if you are truly masochistic.

Five Invites to Pownce!

July 27, 2007 3 comments

I’ve got ’em if you need ’em! Leave me a comment or send me email if you want one.

Don’t know what Pownce is? First, be ashamed of yourself for being a rational individual that doesn’t subscribe to Valley VC fanboyism of Kevin Rose. Secondly, check out

I’ll send out a detailed review of the service in another post.

Until then – pownce upon these invites! Get it? Get it?? Oh, no wonder my standup comedy career derailed right after it left the train station….

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