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Notes on a Scandal – Movie Review

If you want a creepy movie that generates its chills without bloody corpses, moonlit nights, howling wolves or a pack of roving zombies out to get Grandma – watch “Notes on a Scandal“.

This is a British film with Judi Dench playing her usual Ill-chew-your-nuts-out-like-an-irascible-grandmother self as a high school history teacher. Cate Blanchett plays a colleague, a 37 year old teacher who may have a thing for men not quite in her age bracket. Barbara’s (Dench) attraction towards Sheba (Blanchett) is fairly bone-chilling, accompanied in no small part by great background music.

When Sheba (unaware of Barbara’s feelings) commits adultery with another, uh, man (watch for yourself), Barbara sets down a course of manipulation that is bound to end badly for all involved.

Once again, this is a small movie with no surprises, explosions or blood; but the fabulous cast, the taut storytelling, crisp dialogue and a frigid background score make for a good ninety minutes. I highly recommend it.