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FCC Nitwits Get a Jolt of Reality

In a world filled with morons, the FCC deserves a special gold star for being supremely idiotic and out of touch. Anyone remember wardrobe malfunction? Anyone remember five second delay? If you do, feel free to blame the FCC for making a mountain out of a barely existent molehill.

In a stinging bitch-slap, an appeals court called the FCC’s fines and penalties against broadcasters for sending the f-word over the airwaves “arbitrary and capricious”. Amen, you old fart judges. You tell ’em!!

I’m sure matters were helped along by the FCC declaring that the

“f-word inherently has a sexual connotation”

What are these guys smoking? Maybe we should put all the FCC censors in a little room and force-feed them George Carlin’s infamous ode to f-bombing.

In the aftermath of this rebuke, FCC commissioner termed the judgment “disappointing to him and millions of other parents”. You tell me – what kind of weak-kneed pussified parents are so afraid of a little profanity? What in the world are they so afraid of? That their kids will learn the meaning of the word “fuck” before fifth grade? Uhh, reality check. If a kid hasn’t the word “fuck” by fifth grade, it was probably raised in Amish country. Let’s not bullshit ourselves, folks.

Secondly, any real parent should be able to sweep inconvenient topics under the rug. Don’t want to talk about the f-bomb? Just buy the kid a shiny new toy! That’s Parenting 101, baby.

I should really write a book on parenting…there’s a killer idea.

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