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Aptana Plus Mac Equals Piece of Shit

August 1, 2007 11 comments

Update: If you were landed onto this page, I apologize for the strong title and language. I was just really frustrated with Aptana on that particular day and let loose on this post. This information is a few months old, so I give these guys the benefit of doubt. Just read below for caveats and past experiences.

I should know better. I really should. After using Eclipse for eighteen months, I decided that it was a necessary evil for the following reasons:

  • It is free and has a thousand plugins.
  • It has relatively good support for JSF. Wanna know more about JSF? Beat yourself against a rather sharp rock for a full day, then give yourself a paper cut over your existing wounds. Then I will consider you qualified to read up on JSF.
  • If you run it for a full day, it takes down about 600M of virtual memory. Sweet! Nicely done, you assholes.

I have to say; Eclipse was one of the reasons I quit writing code full time and switched to email/powerpoint as my IDE of choice. Okay, I’m just kidding but you get the idea. Eclipse blows worse than LiLo.

But then I slipped after a few months of non-usage and downloaded Aptana, an Eclipse packaged product that can run Ruby on Rails apps (this is likely not an accurate description but who gives a rat’s ass? The damn thing is supposed to run RoR). I download it on my Mac, and sure enough it takes up 900M virtual memory in the first minute.

Step One: Undock.

Step Two: Delete from Applications folder.

Step Three: Poke pins into my Eclipse IDE voodoo doll.

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