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Bouquets, Brickbats and Baldness

August 21, 2007 Leave a comment

So the baldness thing went over far better than what years of watching George Costanza had led me to believe. Nobody – so far – has turned and run in the opposite direction, shrieking for mercy as they do so. No woman has told me that I took a huge turn for the worse since last week – maybe they’re just being nice, but what the hey 🙂

I’ve also heard other non-derogatory things like:

  • You look like you lost weight.
  • You look better than you did last week.
  • You have a really, really round head. [ed: uh, okay]

Could baldness be the new cure to all the problems faced by the superficial man? Could it??! Could Larry David have been wrong all along?! No, say it ain’t so!

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