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Much has been said about how hard it can be to name a blog. It makes picking a baby’s name trivially simple (my top choices: “Ubuntu”, “PirateKing” or the ever-popular “Rain”). I came across this problem recently; trust me, it is enough of a pain to convince one of the benefits of birth control.

So why “bit bubble”? Did I pick it so my sister could buckle over laughing, call all her friends about this “major” geek that she was related to? Well, maybe , just a tad, since geeks are supposedly cool now and it’s the closest kind of personality I can pretend to own (badass biker seems more out of reach).

But I also picked it because it truly does represent life in Palo Alto, life in Silicon Valley, life in the Bay Area at large. You tell me – where else can you walk into a cafe and hear some dude having a minor orgasm over a “tag cloud”?

But seriously – when I was growing up in little old Nasik, India (gratuitous Wikipedia entry:, we owned a crummy old “colour” TV, a tape player and a clock radio that my father was especially proud of since it made the long journey from 220-volt Austin, Texas to 440-volt Nasik, India. That’s it. No Tivo, no iPod, no LCD, no shiny Macbook, no GPS, no Blackberry, not even a goddamn PC. And we were, according to the wonderful folks who measure social strata, “upper middle class”.

So it is with a strange realization of a parallel universe that I live my life in Palo Alto, putting up good-naturedly with my mother’s anthropological gems of conclusions such as: “You Americans listen to the iPod to avoid human contact”. I try not to smirk the latte liberal’s smirk when my college buddies in Missouri excitedly herald the “arrival” of Facebook. And I most certainly pay no attention to people drooling over tag clouds, twitter and Justin Kan.

Hearing about Justin Kan before the Today show breaks the “news” to the world at large is the privilege (or price, actually, in this case) of living in the bit bubble. And that’s why I picked this name for my blog.

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