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Going to See Bill Maher tonight!

July 13, 2007 2 comments

I am totally stoked. Bill Maher is a great comic, his propensity to continually Bush-bash notwithstanding. He is coming out to Flint Center in Cupertino tonight and I got me some tickets as a birthday gift (thanks)!!

I’ll send out a review after.


Just got back from the show! Bill Maher was awesome, it was totally weird to see him dressed like he was heading into the Hard Rock Cafe (very L.A.). For those of you that watch his show, you know he usually dresses in a pimpin suit.

Here are some of his lines (warning: proceed with caution, these are NC-17):

  • What is with the Republicans’ campy admiration of Reagan? They’re like gay guys with Streisand! These guys want to put him on a stamp so they can lick his ass!
  • I dont do Michael Jackson kid jokes because there was never any indisputable evidence that he bent the kids over and, you know…Catholic shit!
  • I dont think they should build a wall on the border with Mexico. They should build a WalMart! 2100 miles long! Immigrants come through the back, customers come through the front. But there is still only one cash register.
  • Gay marriage was the issue of 2004. Now it’s the immigrants. Brown is the new pink (ewww).