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On SF Cabbie Stereotypes

This has got to be a new category on this blog; if I’m spending 40 bucks a week on cabs, I may as well as write about WTF these guys talk about. Angry cabbie, loquacious cabbie, porno cabbie, gearhead cabbie. Its all coming.

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Sprint Customer Service sucks beyond belief

I thought I was going to be more productive with a mobile broadband card. I gutted my previous provider – cingular – in favor of Sprint, which supposedly has better data service.

Wrong answer! I’ve spent three hours this weekend trying to get this goddamn thing activated, to no avail.

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Wag of the finger to Yelp: Reviews aren’t exposed via RSS

April 13, 2008 Leave a comment

[So I copied Steven Colbert in the title; sue me]

Okay, I’ve started to use Yelp pretty regularly to navigate my move up to the city. I’ve always been impressed by the strength of the community in San Francisco and just how many diverse points of view make their way into reviews of almost every spot out there. The Yelp Talk feature is most excellent – both times I’ve left questions, I’ve gotten north of 10 responses. Within an hour! Now that’s an engaged, passionate community.

Here is what’s bullshit: my reviews (or anyone else’s, for that matter) aren’t available via RSS. Why? Why can’t I, if I choose to, follow a friend’s reviews on Google Reader? Why can’t I send a feed of my own reviews to friends or link that feed to my main line blog feed?

In one word: pageviews? And that’s why Nick Carr says that “It’s worth remembering that the business model of Web 2.0 social networks is the sharecropping model“. For a site whose very existence relies upon users contributing content, shouldn’t it try to let that content free in some limited form?

Did I miss something here?

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Fun factoid you didn’t know: ATM out of network charges

April 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Read this in Fortune magazine this evening while busting my hump at the gym: every year, banks make 4 billion dollars in revenue from the annoying-as-hell $1.50 ATM charge thats applied and grudgingly accepted while we find ourselves out of network.

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A good Kansas photo

April 13, 2008 2 comments

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Going to the Giants game, peeps!

April 12, 2008 Leave a comment

With a Saint Louis fan, no less! Giants play Cardinals at 115PST, I’ll be there ignoring the sport of baseball and drinking beers while staring out onto the water. Yeah!

Good thing Giants games aren’t like Raider games, my friends would get killed. That would be no fun.

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On the Scrubs Season Seven Premiere

April 11, 2008 Leave a comment

In two words: it stank. That was NOT funny, Bill Lawrence. Come on!

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