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Its official: I’m moving

April 12, 2009 3 comments
alta plaza yellow
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For those that care about these things – I’m movin on out. I decided to pack up and make the move to Pacific Heights. If you’re going to have a sucky commute anyways, you may as well live in a great neighborhood, no?

To make matters more interesting, I’m moving into a 5 bedroom house which will cut my rent significantly but will also amplify the craziness. Oh well.

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How We Decide: Book Review

April 6, 2009 3 comments

While I’m happy to read just about anything that’s put in front of me (an exaggeration but within the ballpark) I pretend to be
ntellectually curious enough to be able to make my way through non-fiction tomes that are fully outside of my tech-y domain but still accessible to my decidedly mid-range IQ.

How We Decide is one of those books.

Its a NYTimes bestseller about the science of decision making by Jonah Lehrer.

Think of Jonah as a more scientific, less breathless and probably smarter version of Malcolm Gladwell. Also think of the book in an analogous vein to the 2006 bestseller “Blink” by Gladwell. The book discusses the fact that decision making is finally being studied as a real science because of fMRIs and other tools recently available to neuroscientists. It also argues that we should embrace our rational and emotional brain subsystems as essential to good decision making. Instead of getting caught up in the idea of supreme rationality (a la Plato) or in the exclusive powers of the emotional brain (a la Gladwell), we should use both as required by the circumstance.

Along the way, the author details some fun neuroscience experiments over the years and follows some interesting characters. I realize that that’s a glib review but hey you get what you pay for. Definitely read it if you have the time.

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Diablo Cody is hilarious

Image from GoogleKosmix my content too!

Image from YouTubeKosmix my content too!

View the vid to laugh your ass off.

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