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Quick notes from an ER resident

This weekend, I visited the crazy-ass Red Bull Soap Box race and watched – along with 75000 other people – homemade cars crash into bales of hay and the Retards of America (to quote E from Entourage) present low brow hilarious skits on a giant screen. All in all, a good Saturday. 

On our way out, we ran into my sister’s friend who was visiting from Kansas with her boyfriend, a resident in the ER at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City, MO. I always get a wide range of reactions from doctors when I tell them about my work, all the way from indifference to extreme interest. This particular doc demonstrated indifference, and when quizzed about why he didnt want to do internal medicine, blurted out without reserve:

“Primary care sucks. 80% of this shit is heart disease, allergies and diabetes. People make piss-poor choices and expect the doctor to fix them. I like trauma and gunshot wounds.”

None of this, of course, is particularly revolutionary but I found it to be telling regardless. Getting 100% candid responses from doctors outside their work environment is extremely humanizing.

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