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Hey T-Mobile! You suck, take your whining elsewhere

June 7, 2008 3 comments

I just love this. T-Mobile is suing Starbucks because the coffee hawker has come to its senses and stopped charging a ridiculous 30 monthly dollars for its WiFi access.

Can you believe this?

GigaOM also makes an interesting observation that iPhone users who hog bandwidth for a paltry 20 bucks a month need to use more WiFi, less 3G. I can’t find fault with that – God knows I use my iPhone way more than I ever did for my Nokia E62, and I paid 45 bucks a month for that connectivity. Now: 20 bucks flat.

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Welcome to the real world, Starbucks! Free WiFi! What’s next? Cheap coffee?

The yuppie in me LOVES Starbucks. But that other guy – who left home at 15 to be self reliant ever since and has held down a job since seventeen – HATES it.

One of the worst features of Starbucks is the paid WiFi. What were they smoking? 30 dollars a month for WiFi, especially after I just lost an arm and a leg paying for cinnamon crapola latte? Get the f outta here!

I welcome their entry into the real world with “free” WiFi. Well done, guys.

Here is the full story.

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