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On The Count of Monte Cristo

It has been a really long time since I blogged about a book; don’t worry, I haven’t turned into a retard who doesn’t crack a book. I’ve just been lazy is all.

When I was a kid, we didn’t read unabridged literature. We read these abridged “pocket books” with illustrations, and my ultimate absolute favorite was always Dumas’ wonderful work of loss, hope, faith, triumph and pure unadulterated vengeance.

So it was fortunate that I came across a copy of Monte Cristo while walking around Borders Palo Alto and decided to plunge into the unabridged version of the tale.

While the book in and of itself is nothing short of fantastic, it is set in France in the early nineteenth century. Consequently, there are some cultural artifacts that I simply dont understand:

  • Why the hell would you challenge a dude to a duel, then bow to him respectfully before taking his leave? When you threaten to kill someone, shouldn’t you spare the social niceties? I mean, if modern culture tells us anything, it tells us that the French ain’t the most polite people in the world to begin with!
  • Why do husbands and wives sleep in different rooms? There are several instances in the book when the husband says to the wife something to the order of,  “Let me meet you in your room in ten minutes” or “I am retiring to my room since you are being a querulous bitch”.
  • I haven’t read up on the tradition of the duel, but why would you throw a glove at someone to challenge them? Is it me, or is that the most effeminate method of trash talk of all time?

All in all, well worth the 500+ pages!

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