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On Facebook profiles and photos


After many years of pooh-poohing the whole Facebook thing, I finally caved and joined recently. I knew that my subscription to Facebook would result in one of two things:

  • Supreme addiction of the kind my sister and other crazies exhibit
  • A tendency to look down upon all serious Facebook users and desperate attempts to feel superior to them.

So far, bullet 2 is winning big. My first observation: Facebook profile photos are like those studio-taken high school photographs. Every uggo and their mom looks great in them. But they’re not fooling me. Ohhh no! I’ve known some of these people for years, and I’ve seen them “in real life”, warts and all. I’ve seen them sans fancy shirt. I’ve seen them minus the chic San Francisco club dance floor in the background. Hell, I’ve seen them hunched over a trash can by the side of Rudy’s sick over one too many shots of tequila.

Just once – once – I’d like one of my Facebook friends to step up and put on a real photo, one that catches them farting, ogling at some girl, sweating from a nominal run or something more embarrassing. Have some gumption, fools! Or at least be a cowering fella like me and leave a big, ugly, blue question mark in place.

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