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Why I won’t Stand in the iPhone Line

I’m a new member to the Apple fanboy cult. The signs are imminent; when I see a PC user hunched over a Dell at Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto, I smirk. Why pay four dollars for a latte when you can’t even afford a product that’s “designed by Apple in California”?

But it turns out that the fears behind the touchscreen might have been justified all along after all. Folks, if you’ve never owned a touchscreen device, trust me on this one: they tend to suck worse than Lindsay’s Saturday morning hangover headaches.

At one point, I was naive enough to think that HTC could make real products. They can’t. Exhibit A: HTC’s iPhone clone, which makes the Dell jukebox (iPod clone) look downright gorgeous in comparison. I made the mistake of purchasing the TMobile MDA and regretted it every single day I had it until I got rid of it.

  • Touchscreens have no tactile feedback. This is a well-known problem that’s been papered over for the iPhone.
  • Touchscreens have a fat finger problem.
  • The iPhone keyboard’s spatial location combined with the skinny form factor will make it exceedingly hard to grip the phone with two hands (essential for typing)

While there is already call for doom from some quarters, it is predicated on iPhone being taken out by folks like HTC who will replicate functionality and chew away at Apple’s market share after a couple of quarters. Yeah right. That’s what they said about the iPod too.

Hey Fake Steve – can I get you to diss this post please?!

Update: Forbes has an article on several reasons to not get an iPhone, detailing potential deal breakers such as battery life and network speed. I  would like to contradict Forbes here – while EDGE is certainly slow, it is good enough for most web browsing, even with a full-featured browser like Safari. My Nokia E62 has a full-blown browser that I am able to use successfully with EDGE.

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