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Trashing the Web 2.0 Bubble

I’ve always had a lot of respect for Marc Andreessen and his accomplishments, both past and present. Since people have at best an ephemeral sense of history, everybody has now turned into a Google fanboy (Did Sergey marry? No! Say it ain’t so! Did he wear a black swimsuit on the beach, Austin Powers style? Are we uber-pathetic for giving a crap?). But Marc was around before Googmania and had a pretty big hand in kick-starting the Web boom.

Anyhoo – I recently heard that Marc was blogging and decided to check it out. In a funny and insightful post here, he trashes the idea that Silicon Valley and the consumer web is riding a bubble.

Here is a money quote in case you still aren’t convinced: “In closing, I’d be the last person to say that I never roll my eyes at the next startup that’s doing online wiki-based popularity-ranked video-podcast mobile social dating widgets for the dog and cat owner market. But a bubble? I doubt it.”

Good stuff!

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