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SiCKO Is Part Powerful Tearjerker, Part Bullshit – Movie Review

June 30, 2007 9 comments

This is the movie review for SiCKO, Michael Moore’s new “documentary” about the U.S health care system and its relative spot against the rest of the world.

The first half of the movie is powerful stuff – primarily because Moore stays behind camera (unlike his other films) and lets the treatment denial horror stories of insured Americans and their tears do all the talking. Read more…

iPhone Launch Day and BitBubble – The Aftermath

So – following the iPhone launch through the Palo Alto store and the late night visits two nights in a row were a HUGE pain in the ass. But it seems to have paid off in terms of traffic to the blog. I made it to the top 10 blogs of the day on – w00t!

My stats line graph is way out of whack – so basically I have little to look forward to but a traffic downturn. They don’t call me Miss Congeniality for nothing!

Screenshots here:

Blog Rank


Traffic Line Graph


Search Engine Terms


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Photos at Palo Alto Apple Store – Night Before iPhone Launch

June 29, 2007 3 comments

See previous posts and photos of the Apple store here and here

So here are the photos!!!

First, the store on the outside…


Surprise…they are open all frigging night. Oh, the bastards!


Next up…Father Time, one of the first few in line…


Okay, this is just crazy talk right now. Satellite uplink???


A mesmerized yours truly, salivating outside…


And a pissed off sibling…not happy about being dragged to the circus.




Final shot!


Off to bed. I can’t believe I just spent all this time on a darn phone 🙂

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Palo Alto Apple Store Drive-By on Night Before iPhone Launch

June 29, 2007 1 comment

It is about 11:08pm PST on June 28. I just drove by the Palo Alto Apple store and this thing is starting to get outta control. Here is all the craziness I witnessed, in bullet form:

  • A line that is already a block long
  • An overabundance of lawn chairs, more than you’d see at a damn concert arena
  • A dude who looks like Father Time is fourth in line. Now this guy represents the true Apple faithful, making a recent Mac convert like me look like a HUGE poseur. Oh well, it’s worth it, dammnit!
  • Several Stanford undergraduates. But of course!
  • A few hot girls standing around on the side. But the line is overwhelmed with dudes, as expected
  • A goddamn camera crew with a TV van outfitted with a mondo satellite dish!!!
  • Dorky reading lights mounted on a hat. Hilarious!

Pictures coming soon – stand by, all ye geeks! Previous post/pictures are here.

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On Sales Inboxes and Prompt Responses

As part of the cushy gig of product manager for a web company, I end up making plenty of calls to vendors in the health space (won’t give out details for two obvious reasons: I’m not fully stupid yet and I don’t like getting fired).

This is my first experience with leaving messages for salespeople who are supposed to be on the ball, what with their ass being on the line every quarter’s end. That being said, I started with lofty expectations of prompt turnaround time, pleasant conversations followed with slightly testy but businesslike contractual discussions.

Uhh, not so much. Sales inboxes have consistently proven to be a joke. You would think they’d at least have the good sense to call you back a few days after you leave an email address and phone number. Nope. Sure, I don’t work at a big shop so they have a right to screen me with wary skepticism – but shouldn’t they at least call back to see if I’m legit?

I’m not mad – just baffled. I thought engineers were bad at office organization. Yeah right.

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Palo Alto Apple Store – A Day Before iPhone Launch

June 28, 2007 5 comments

Update: Check out newer posts on the Apple store here and here

In an act of extreme tech geekery, I ran up to the Palo Alto Apple store at 12:30am on Thursday morning – to see if any fool would care to show up two nights before.

Sadly, I was disappointed. But I do have goodies – photos of the Palo Alto store, with the giant iPhone prototype. Also check out kick-ass iPhone buzz index (thanks to Digital Daily)




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TwitterVision is Way Cool

I’ll be the first to admit – I don’t think I’ll ever be a Twitter user. Nobody wants to hear about my adventures at the dentist’s office or how I answer a couple of hundred emails a day while playing death match style ping pong games in between.

But when I came across TwitterVision, I was stunned. Now here’s a totally trivial but totally sweet app, a waste of bandwidth, time and effort but sure as hell worth it all.

TwitterVision simply shows geotagged tweets with people’s photos overlaid on Google Earth in a real-time fashion. You have the option of classic Maps view as well as Google Earth globe view.

I guarantee you’ll waste ten minutes if you check it out.